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The advantages of the centrifugal pump

The main advantages of the centrifugal pump are:
1. It is simple in construction and can,therefore, be made in a wide range of materials.
2. There is a complete absence of valves.
3. It operates at high speed(up to 100 Hz)and,therefore,can be coupled directly to an electric motor. In general,the higher the speed the smaller the pump and motor for a give n duty.
4. It gives a steady delivery.
5. Maintenance costs are lower than for any other type of pump.
6. No damage is done to the pump if the delivery line becomes blocked,provided it is not run in this condition for a prolonged period.
7. It is much smaller than other pumps of equal capacity.It can,therefore,be made into a sealed unit with the driving motor and immersed in the suction tank.
8. Liquids containing high proportions of suspended solids are readily handled.
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