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Boiler Feed Pump

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QD (G) pump is a horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump, suitable for conveying pure water (with less than 1% solids content, and granularity is less than 0.1 mm) physical and chemical properties and pure water similar to other Liquid these.
QD (G) low pressure boiler feed pump is suitable for conveying temperature at temperatures not higher than 120 ° C, and also for small boiler feed water.
QDG high pressure boiler feed pump is suitable for conveying medium at temperatures not higher than 180 ℃, but also for small boiler feed water or hot water during transport.
QD (G) series of performance range
Q: 3-500m3 / h Power: 75-3400kW
H: 390-684m inlet diameter: 25-450mm
By the shaft, impeller, balance plate, sleeve and other components
Bearing body
The entire rotor is supported by roller bearings, the ends of the shaft and the lubrication of the bearings are lubricated with grease or 20 # oil
Size: 25 - 450 mm
Flow: 3 - 684 m3/hr
Head: 15 - 680 m
Speed: 1450 - 2900 rpm

Cooling and shaft sealing water

QD (G) series of Multistage Pump parameters
Pump type Flow Head lift Power
(m3/h) (m) (KW)
QD(G) 6-25 3-7.5 73.5-306 4-11
QD(G) 12-25 7.5-15 69-338.4 5.5-22
QD(G) 12-50 7.5-15 139.5-648 18.5-75
QD(G) 25-30 15-30 82.5-340 15-45
QD(G) 25-50 15-30 15.78-618 22-110
QD(G) 46-30 30-55 81-340 22-75
QD(G) 46-50 30-55 138-666 37-132
QD(G) 85-45 55-100 78-459 37-160
QD(G) 85-67 55-100 183-666 90-250
QD(G) 155-67 100-185 177-684 132-400
QD(G) 280-43 185-335 114-423 160-450
QD(G)280-65 185-355 372-680 500-800
QD(G)450-60 335-684 171-650 360-3400
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