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Irrigation Pump

We produce: irrigation water pump, please contact us when you need it.
The QI pump is a single-stage suction (axial suction) cantilever centrifugal pump that is used to deliver corrosive liquids similar to water and liquids that do not contain solid particles. Logo performance in line with ISO2858 standard requirements.

QS pump is a single-stage double suction in the open centrifugal pump, used to transport pure water and physical and chemical properties similar to water liquid, its maximum temperature must not exceed 125 ℃,
The QD (G) pump is a horizontal multistage centrifugal pump and other liquids suitable for the delivery of pure water (less than 1% with particles and less than 0.1 mm in particles) and similar physical and chemical properties.

AZX self-priming pump is an energy-saving pump developed by us at home and abroad and improving the relevant technical information. The series of self-priming centrifugal pump, compact structure, simple, stable operation, easy maintenance, high efficiency, long life, strong self-priming ability and so on.

Size: 250 - 1200 mm
Flow: 110 - 14400 m3/hr
Head: 6 - 108 m
Speed: 500 - 2900 rpm

QI series pump performance
Flow: 3.4- 460 m³ / h
Head: 3.4- 132.5 meters
Power: 0.55 to 110 kilowatts

QS series pump performance
Flow: 110 - 14400 m3 / h
Head: 8 - 140 meters
Power: 22 - 3450 kW

QD series pump performance
Flow: 3 - 684 m³ / h
Head: 15.78- 684 meters
Power: 4 - 3400 kW

AZX series pump performance
Flow: 1 - 600 m³ / h
Head: 20 - 75 meters
Self-priming height: 6.5 meters
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