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Interstage Screen

1. Interstage Screen Overview

1.1 features

1) Easy maintenance: easy to repair and replace vulnerable parts;

2) Reliable connection: the cylindrical screen is firmly on the bracket, effectively preventing the bolts from loosening;

3) High screening efficiency: the cylindrical screen has good anti-blocking performance and effectively isolates the activated carbon;

4) Stable operation: The transmission device rotates flexibly, smoothly and reliably, without abnormal noise;

5) Good wear resistance and weather resistance: mixing shaft, impeller, rotating frame, discharge frame, cylindrical screen bracket lined with natural wear-resistant rubber. The product is produced by a thermal vulcanization process, and its physicochemical properties meet the requirements of Table 1 and HG/T20677.

Test item
standard and test method
Hardness (Shore A)
2 Tensile Strength
3 Elongation at break
4 Roller wear
0.05 GB/T9867

Rubber and steel bond strength

10 GB/T11211

1.2 Purposeand scope of application

The carbon screen is used toisolate activated carbon in the leaching tank of the cyanide carbon pulp plant.It can effectively leave the activated carbon in the leaching tank, and theslurry can flow to the next leaching tank.

1.3 Productapplication conditions

Slurry temperature: 25℃

Slurryconcentration: 42%

Screeningparticle size: 0.8mm

PH: PH10-11

Working system: continuous

2.Interstage ScreenStructure

The carbon screen is a vertical stirring fixed screening mechanism, which is composed of a discharge frame, a transmission device (coupling and transmission shaft), an agitator (impeller and rotating cage), and a cylindrical screen. Among them, the main component cylindrical screen realizes the function of isolating the gold-carrying carbon. Its isolation particle level is 0.8 mm. The cylindrical screen is connected to the discharge rack and fixed on the inner wall of the tank body. The motor speed reducer is connected to the transmission shaft, and the shaft vertically penetrates the cylindrical screen. The transmission shaft is connected with an impeller for stirring inside the cylindrical screen and a rotating cage for stirring outside the cylindrical screen. In order to prevent the replacement reaction between the ordinary carbon steel and the gold ions in the ore pulp, and to provide the wear resistance of the parts, the exposed surfaces of the parts that are submerged and the ore pulp are lined with rubber.


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