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Motor And Diesel Engine

An Pump Machinery both supply the pump and pump driven no matter it is motor or diesel engine.

We supply all kinds of electric motor, submersible motor and supply one stop solution from the sales to after sales and repair work. The electric motor could be cast iron, stainless steel motor or any as required. We could also do explosion proof motor from EX D2, EX Q3, EX E4, EX M5 and EX P etc. Normal type is EXDIIBT4 or EXDIICT4. All the motor we do is famous brand in China and 100% in Cu cable. Normal one is IP54 or IP55 and insulation level is F. All the submersible pump we do is IP68. We never use the cable like aluminum clad copper and all the motor should be tested before shipment.

Sometimes when there is no power at site, we will supply the diesel engine water pump set or gasoline engine pump set. We could do all kinds of brand of diesel engine.

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