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Multistage Pump

1. Multistage Pump Introduction:
Multi-stage section centrifugal pump, the excellent hydraulic models are high-efficiency, energy-saving, and have wide performance range, operating safety & steady, low noise, long life and installing
& repairing is very convenient etc. It can deliver heat water, oil, corrosive or wear albe medium by changing the material,
seal or adding cooling system.
(1) Multi stage pump can deliver the neuter mineral water which solid particles percent≤ 1.5%(solid Dia, < 0.5mm) and other similar sewage,
(2) Temperature of the liquid is ≤ 80°C. It is suitable for steel works, mines, cities projects etc.
This kind pump can deliver the corrosive liquid without solid particle, which temperature is from -20°C-150°C
The multi stage pump deliver oil or oil products without solid grain, viscosity ≤ 120ct, range of temperature is from -20°C to 150°C
(3) Compact and reasonable structure
(4) Shaft seal can be mechanical seal or packing seal
(5) Advanced hydraulic model to feature high efficiency and little energy consumption

Multistage Water pump Performance Data Sheet

QD(G) Series multistage pump data
Pump Type Flow Head Power
(m3/h) (m) (KW)
QD(G) 6-25 3-7.5 73.5-306 4-11
QD(G) 12-25 7.5-15 69-338.4 5.5-22
QD(G) 12-50 7.5-15 139.5-648 18.5-75
QD(G) 25-30 15-30 82.5-340 15-45
QD(G) 25-50 15-30 15.78-618 22-110
QD(G) 46-30 30-55 81-340 22-75
QD(G) 46-50 30-55 138-666 37-132
QD(G) 85-45 55-100 78-459 37-160
QD(G) 85-67 55-100 183-666 90-250
QD(G) 155-67 100-185 177-684 132-400
QD(G) 280-43 185-335 114-423 160-450
QD(G)280-65 185-355 372-680 500-800
QD(G)450-60 335-684 171-650 360-3400

Pump Structure

For this series horizontal multistage centrifugal pump, both ends of it are supported, the casing portion is in a sectional form. it is connected to and actuated by a motor via a resilient clutch and the rotating direction of it. viewing from the actuating end. is clockwise. Refer to Fig. I for the structure of it.
Stator portion
Consists of suck-in section. middle-section, spitting section, guide vane, packing etc., which are linked together with a take-up bolt. with both suck-in and spitting mouths vertically upward.
Rotor portion
Consists of a shaft, impeller, balancing disk, muff etc. Parts.
Bearing portion
The whole rotor is supported by the roller bearings or
sliding bearings on both ends of the shaft and the bearings are lubricated with grease or 20# engin oil.
Cooling and seal of pump
The joint-part between suction section, intermediate section and discharge section with be coated with molybdenum disulfide lubricating grease as seal. Rotor and fixed parts will be sealed by seal ring, guide-vane jacket and packing. The packing tensile degree of shaft seal should be proper and seep should be feasible dip by dip Unload run should be forbid. The seal ring and guide vane jacket should be replaced if they are too worn to be used any more and even do harm to pump work. There is spare shaft sleeve near shaft seal to protect shaft of pump.

Pump Application
1) Water supply and discharge in high-rise buildings
2) Fire water supply in constructions
3) Water supply and discharge in factories and mines
4) Long distance delivery
5) Cyclic pressurization in production

Packing and Shipping

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