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PVC Hose

PVC suction hose

PVC Steel wire hose

PVC steel wire hose has good adaptability to hard weather conditions and vacuum pressure.
This PVC hose,with steel wire screwing inlaid in the hose,is light,transparent,with small bending radius.
With colorful symbol lines on the surface of the hose,it can be beautiful.

ID: 10-250 mm Wall Thickness: 2-14 mm W.P 0.5 Mpa B.p: 1.2 Mpa

PVC Suction hose

High quality PVC with rigid pvc helix

PVC suction hose is designed for regular water supply and drainage, and for transporting various powdery particles and liquids, it is widely used in civil and building works ,agriculture,mining, construction,ship and fishery.

ID: 19-355 mm Wall Thickness: 3-12 mm

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