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Stainless Steel Vertical Multistage Pump Sets

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Vertical multistage pump sets functions in the pump station water supply:
(1) Maintaining a constant water pressure;
(2) The control system can be operated manually/automatically
Frequency conversion constant pressure water supply control cabinet
Frequency conversion constant pressure water supply control cabinet
(3) Multiple pumps are automatically switched to operate;
(4) System sleep and wake up, when the outside world stops using water, the system is in a sleep state, and automatically wakes up when there is demand for water;
(5) Adjust the PID parameters online;
(6) Pump group and line protection detection alarm, signal display, etc.
Vertical multistage pump sets
Vertical multistage pump sets constant pressure water supply system features
1. Power saving: Optimized energy-saving control software to make the pump achieve maximum energy-saving operation;
2. Water saving: set the pressure of the pipe network according to the actual water consumption, automatically control the water output of the water pump, and reduce the running and leakage of water;
3. Reliable operation: The soft start of the pump is realized by the frequency converter, so that the pump can realize the non-impact switching from the power frequency to the frequency conversion, prevent the pipe network from impacting, avoid the pipe network pressure exceeding the limit, and the pipe is broken.
Vertical multistage pump sets Application
1. Tap water supply, living quarters and fire water supply system can also be used for hot water supply, constant pressure spray and other systems.
2. Industrial enterprise life, production water supply system,
3. Constant pressure, variable pressure control, cooling water and circulating water supply system for various occasions.
3. Sewage pumping station, sewage treatment and sewage lifting system.
4. Agricultural irrigation and drainage, garden spray, waterscape and music fountain system.
5. Water supply and fire protection system for hotels and large public buildings.

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