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Stainless Steel Pump

Stainless steel pump is the description of the pump wet end parts materials. The pump is made by different parts like pump casing, impeller, Front Plate, shaft, shaft sleeve and frame. The casing, impeller and front plate which is we call wet end parts because they are always touch the liquid pumped directly, are made by stainless steel then we call the pump as the stainless steel pump.

The stainless steel is good performance in acid resistant but it is soft material not good at wear resistant at all. When there are solids in the medium pumped, the stainless steel pump easy to wear out and not suitable especially in the mining processing. When you need the pump work for liquid like mud or slurry, you should use slurry pump.

However, the stainless steel pump have very good performance in chemical, sea water or some department have the corrosive problem. Generally, the stainless steel is one corrosive resistant pump widely used as chemical pump, sea water pump, sewage pump, fire fight pump and other application. Our QIH chemical pump, AJY pulp pump, ASW sewage pump, AYW vertical sewage pump, AZX self prime water pump, QI end suction pump, QIZ mono block pump, QIG pipeline pump, QS split case pump, QD high pressure pump, QDL vertical multistage pump, ASJ deep well pump and AHW mixed flow pump could be in stainless steel for your application!
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