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AM series slurry pump impeller wear regularity

If you want to know AM series slurry pump impeller wear regularity,please contact us.
a. Within the lower concentration range, proportional to the concentration of the intensity of wear of transporting solid particles with impeller blades, the higher the concentration of the smaller amount of wear of the unit, more economical pumping slurry.
b. The main area of a large particle size abrasive wear caused by the head close to the blade, and the main area of small particle abrasive wear caused by the pressure surface near the outlet section of the blade.
c. Inlet angle of the blade on the wear and tear strength of obvious outlet angle has little effect on wear and tear strength, but the effect of local wear outlet angle is too small to wear easy to concentrate in the outlet section of the blade, the blade pressure surface out of the altercation occurred along too large severe wear reasonable parameter selection leaves only help improve slurry pump hydraulic performance, but also improve its anti-wear properties.
d. Wear strength impeller vanes and pump speed was the fifth power relations in the slurry pump design should be preferred as a lower speed when transporting high concentrations of solid materials more so.
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