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Acid Resistant Pump Factory

The acid resistant pump products are suitable for conveying all kinds of corrosive media under the temperature conditions of -20°C~+120°C. All of the over current parts are made of plastic alloys (PTFE, FEP, etc.) through reasonable formulations. Molded and processed, the acid-resistant pump combines the advantages of a variety of plastics, has a strong corrosion resistance, and has the advantages of high mechanical strength, no aging, no decomposition of toxins, and is an ideal device for conveying various strong and weak acids.
The actual use shows that the pump has the advantages of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, no aging, high mechanical strength, stable operation, advanced and reasonable structure, strict and reliable sealing performance, convenient disassembly and overhaul, and long service life.
The design of the acid-resistant pump consists of:
(1) Properly select materials that resist the corrosive effects of acid at this concentration;
(2) Try to avoid an increase in the temperature of the acid in the friction part, because the corrosion effect will increase when the temperature rises.
(3) Guarantee the tightness of the packing box.

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Acid Resistant Pump

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