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Agricultural farm irrigation water pump machine

Agricultural farm irrigation water pump machine Introduction:
An pump Machinery Co., Ltd. production of agricultural irrigation centrifugal pump has many types:
Single-stage single-suction irrigation pump, single-stage double-suction irrigation pump, self-priming irrigation pump, submersible irrigation pump.
The characteristics of irrigation centrifugal pump:
① Smooth operation: the pipeline axis of the absolute concentric impeller excellent static and dynamic balance, to ensure smooth operation, no vibration.
② No leakage: different materials of carbide seal, to ensure that no leakage of different liquids delivery.
③ Low noise: two low-noise bearings under the pump, running smoothly, in addition to the motor faint sound, the basic no noise.
④ Low failure rate: simple and reasonable structure, the key part of the use of world-class quality support, machine trouble-free working hours greatly improved.
⑤ Easy maintenance: replacement seals, bearings, simple and convenient.

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