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Agricultural water pump installation

Agricultural water pump installation technical requirement is very strict.First of all, the pump base is strong, and try to shorten the length of the suction pipe.Second, the feed line road should be reliable sealing.Bottom valve and hose ropes fastened with insurance.Water for channels, bottom valve should be 0.5 meters above water, and screening to prevent debris in the pump.The third is the machine pump belt transmission, belt tension side should be the next, in order to progress the transmission efficiency.Steering pump impeller should be consistent with the direction of arrow.
Check the water pump should pay attention to three points:
(1) pump shaft should be able to flexible rotation, no sound;Pump axial-radial has no obvious shaking, need to add lubricating oil.
(2) check whether there is any damage on the water hose, such as have a craze to timely repair.Check whether there is any loose on the fastening bolts, to tighten loose bolts.
(3) of submersible pump motor winding, cable should meet the requirements, can be used
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