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Boiler Feed Pump for Sale

Are You Looking forboiler feed pump for sale?An Pump is a good choice for you.we can supply the best quality boiler feedl pump for you.

Technical Specifications
Capacity (m3/h):120-1100
Head (m):967-2500
Speed (r/min):2980-5410
NPSHr (m):4.5-23.5
Power (kw):710-8000
Feature ofboiler feed pump
1. Easy maintenance: vertical pipeline structure, inlet & outlet at the same level, can be installed in any position and any direction, it is very easy whatever maintenance or installation.
2. No water pollution: the keyflow passage components are made of stainless steel after stamping, which has good characteristics of light weight, clean, health, it is a perfect water pump of environmental protection, energy-saving.
3. low operating cost, the main flow passage components are made of stainless steel after stamping, smooth flow passage components, which has good characteristics of high efficiency, less loss, low rate of failure, longer service life
4. motor: the Aluminum Alloy motor has good characteristics of light weight, small volume, good heat dissipation, good appearance, longer service life, high efficiency and low noise, etc.

We also supply sea water pump, paper pulp pump and so on.If you need,contact us.Boiler Feed Pump for Sale

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