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Booster Pump Introduction

The booster pump, as its name implies, is apump used for supercharging. Its main uses are water heater boosting, high-riselow water pressure, sauna, bathing, etc., the uppermost water pressure of theapartment is insufficient, and the solar energy is automatically pressurized. ,reverse osmosis water purifier pressurization and so on.


Product Categories

Biogas type

The pneumatic booster pump is divided intoa gas-liquid booster pump and a gas booster pump. The principle of the boosterpump is to use the low pressure of a large area piston to generate a highhydraulic pressure of a small area piston. The industrial field is used for theclamping of the machine chuck, the accumulator is inflated, the high pressure bottleis inflated, and the compressed gas is converted into a high pressure gas. Anypressure source is not high enough, whether it is a mechanical or test device,a booster pump can be used.

It is driven by gas, without arc and spark,and is completely used in places with flammable or explosive liquid or gas.Regardless of the cause of the pressure drop in the holding circuit, thebooster pump will automatically start to replenish the leak pressure and keepthe circuit pressure constant. Compressed air, nitrogen, water vapor, naturalgas, etc. can be used as a driving source for the pump.

Gas liquid type

Until the pressure balance is reachedagain, the single air-controlled unbalanced gas distribution valve isautomatically stopped to realize the automatic reciprocating motion of thepump. The gas drive part of the pump body is made of aluminum alloy. The wettedparts are made of carbon steel or stainless steel according to the medium. Thecomplete set of seals of the pump are imported high quality products, thusensuring the performance of the gas-liquid booster pump.

Air type

The principle of the air booster pump is touse the low pressure of a large area piston to generate a high hydraulicpressure of a small area piston. The air booster pump is used in the workingenvironment where the original air pressure system is to increase the pressure,and can increase the air pressure of the working system to 2-5 times, and onlyneeds the compressed air in the working system as the air source. The pump issuitable for single gas source boosting. No power supply required (can be usedin areas where explosion protection is required). In the pressure range of thepump, the regulating valve is adjusted to adjust the intake pressure, and theoutput hydraulic pressure is correspondingly adjusted to be infinitelyadjusted.

Chlorine type

The working pressure range of the chlorinebooster pump is large. Different pressure zones can be used to obtain differentpressure zones, and the input air pressure output pressure can be adjustedaccordingly. Extremely high pressure can be achieved with a gas of 90Mpa. Theflow range is wide, and it can work smoothly with only 0.1Kg of air pressurefor all types of pumps. At this time, the minimum flow rate is obtained, andthe flow rate can be adjusted to obtain different flow rates. Easy to control,from simple manual control to full automatic control. Automatic restart, forany reason, the pressure of the pressure-holding circuit drops, it willautomatically restart, supplement the leakage pressure, and keep the circuitpressure constant. Safe operation, gas driven, no arc and spark, can be used inhazardous situations.


Working Principle

First, the booster pump is filled withliquid, then the centrifugal pump is started, the impeller rotates rapidly, theblade of the impeller drives the liquid to rotate, and the liquid flows byinertia to the outer edge of the impeller, and the impeller sucks in the liquidfrom the suction chamber. In the impeller, the liquid flows around the blade,and the liquid acts a lift force on the blade during the bypass motion. Inturn, the blade acts on the liquid with a force equal to the lift force and theopposite direction. This force works on the liquid to obtain the liquid. Theenergy flows out of the impeller, and the kinetic energy and pressure energy ofthe liquid increase.

The gas-liquid booster pump works like apressure booster, which applies a very low pressure to the large-diameterair-driven piston. When this pressure acts on a small-area piston, it producesa high pressure. The booster pump is capable of continuous operation through atwo-position five-way directional control valve. The high pressure plungercontrolled by the one-way valve continuously discharges the liquid, and theoutlet pressure of the booster pump is related to the air driving pressure.When the pressure between the drive section and the output liquid section isbalanced, the booster pump will stop running and no longer consume air. Whenthe output pressure drops or the air drive pressure increases, the booster pumpwill automatically start running until it automatically stops after reachingthe pressure balance again. The single air-controlled unbalanced gasdistribution valve is used to realize the automatic reciprocating motion of thepump, and the gas drive part of the pump body is made of aluminum alloy. Thewetted parts are made of carbon steel or stainless steel depending on themedium. Generally, the pump has two ports of intake and exhaust. It can becalled negative pressure at the inlet port below the atmospheric pressure (ie atmosphericpressure); it can be called positive at the outlet. Pressure"; for example, the vacuum pump is anegative pressure pump, and the booster pump is a positive pressure pump.Positive pressure pumps are quite different from negative pressure pumps. Forexample, the flow direction of the gas, the negative pressure pump is theexternal gas is sucked into the suction nozzle; the positive pressure issprayed from the exhaust nozzle; such as the level of the air pressure.


Product Features

Negative pressure pump and positive pressure pump are mainly artificially distinguished from functions and main uses."Negative pressure pump" is mainly used in places where vacuum(negative pressure) is required, such as: pumping, gas analysis, gascirculation, gas sampling, vacuum adsorption, indirect water absorption, etc.;and "positive pressure pump" is mainly used for needs. The pump isused as a power to carry out gas transfer, pressurization of a closedcontainer, inflating and inflating, indirect water pressure, etc., which arecommonly used in medical, scientific research, environmental protection,instrumentation, control, and the like.

The "negative pressure pump" hasa positive pressure at the exhaust end, but it is a micro-positive pressure,which is much smaller than the output pressure of the "positive pressurepump". For example, the micro vacuum pump VM, VAA, PC, etc. are"negative pressure pumps". ", "inhalation pump", andtheir exhaust end pressure is often only a few kilopascals (KPa);"positive pressure pump" suction end is also slightly negativepressure, in order to complete the pumping effect.

The gas booster pump series is a two-stagebooster pump that can increase the pressure of very low pressure gas to a veryhigh pressure. The driving pressure is 7bar, the pressureof the gas input port is 0.5-10 bar, and the maximum can be increased to 90Mpa.The reversing mode of this series of pumps is exactly the same as that of the Nseries. The whole pump is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. In thegas drive section of the pump, the series requires a lubricated gas tolubricate the seals and other internal parts. The pump has a drive pistondiameter of 160 mm. The gas booster pump series is a single-stage booster pumpto meet the needs. The input pressure of the pressure gas input port requires acertain degree of preload, and the pre-increased pressure varies depending onthe maximum pressure of the gas booster pump picture. The maximum pressure canbe increased to 80Mpa.

The gas booster pump H series uses a singleair-controlled unbalanced gas distribution valve to achieve reciprocatingmotion of the pump, all made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. All sealsare imported high-quality products, the maximum design drive pressure is 10bar,in order to ensure the life of the pump, it is recommended to drive thepressure <8bar. The pumps have a drive piston diameter of 160 mm and are single-acting pumps, all with single-acting pumps with exhaust cooling. The reversing mode of this series of pumps is exactly the same as that of the B series, and the flow rate is doubled compared with the B type.


When installing the tap water booster pump,be sure to install it horizontally or vertically in the InstallationMode display. The direction of the water flow should be the same as thedirection of the arrow on the pump body, and install it as far as possible fromthe lowest position of the water level. For ease of use and maintenance, avalve should be installed on the pump inlet line. When the pumped liquid levelis lower than the upper end surface of the impeller of the pump or the shaft ofthe pump, the pump should be equipped with a check valve, and the outlet end isconnected with a three-way for water diversion. The pump should be filled withwater for the first time. Tighten the plug. The pipe connection should betight, especially if the water inlet pipe cannot leak, otherwise the pump headwill be lowered or the water will not be pumped. Do not rotate for a long timebefore the water is introduced into the pump chamber to avoid damage to theseals.

A safety protector is installed in themotor coil. When the pump fails or does not pump water, the motor can be automaticallydisconnected when the temperature rises above the specified value. After thetemperature rise of the motor is removed, the motor can automatically resumeoperation. The booster pump motor is a capacitor-operated motor. The directionof rotation of the pump is adjusted when it leaves the factory. If you need toreplace the capacitor or re-wire, please press the arrow on the pump body tomark the wiring. To ensure safe use, you must use a three-wire safety socketwith a grounding wire. When the pump is leaking, immediately stop the machineto prevent internal leakage. If the water is connected to the motor, replacethe mechanical seal. Check if the power is on. Use the power supply voltage tomatch the operating voltage of the pump. If a and b are normal, please removethe pump, open the pump cover, remove the foreign matter in the pump, and theninstall the pump cover, and adjust it to normal.

When the pump is not pumping water, thepump is installed on the water pipe. If the tap water level is below the plane(horizontal installation) or center line (vertical installation) of theimpeller of the pump, the power should be turned off at this time, and thewater level of the tap water should rise more than When the impeller plane orcenter line is turned on, turn on the power to avoid damage to the mechanism(automatic type does not need to be turned off). When the pump is used to pumpwell water, please check whether the water inlet pipe is leaking; if there isnot enough water in the pump cavity, it should be filled with water, and thesuction stroke is too high, and it should be adjusted properly. Check if theinlet and outlet pipe diameter is too small or blocked. After the automatictype of use for a period of time, automatic failure may occur, mainly due tolong-term precipitation of metal such as steel rust in the water pipe. Afterthe power is turned off, the switch is removed, the upper screw is unscrewed,the plastic piece is taken out and cleaned, and then , according to theoriginal reset, debugging is normal, you can reuse.


To measure the performance of the pump, thepower is not important, but the efficiency of the unit. In the case of the samehead and the same flow rate, the power is small and the efficiency is high,that is to say, the performance is good. The pump has the highest head flow andrated head flow. Most pumps on the market are marked with the highest headflow. Some manufacturers' pumps are very outrageous. For example, the common90w and 120w copper pump head booster pumps have standard power. 80w (maximumhead 10m) and 120w (maximum head 13m).

In order to obtain good sales, somemerchants have changed to 100w (the highest lift 12-15 meters) and 150w (thehighest lift 15-20 meters), and the traffic is also high. There is also aself-priming pump, the theoretical suction is 10 meters, due to the existenceof pump NPSH (water vaporization caused by roughness in the manufacture of pumphead), the effective suction of the self-priming pump is 8-8.5 meters. But inorder to attract customers' attention, these parameters are beyond imagination.Therefore, before buying a water pump, you should know more about the actualparameters of the pump, such as the actual lift and actual flow, so as not tocause trouble. When the booster pump is working, the flow rate is maximum whenthe head is zero, and the flow rate is zero when the head is at the highesthead. According to the flow rate and head change of each working point, theworking curve of the pump can be drawn, which is the performance characteristiccurve of the pump. Pump selection needs to be determined according to the site,such as: length of pipeline, diameter of pipe, number of elbows, capacity ofwater heater, type of water heater, water output of nozzle, etc. In particular,the pressure-type electric water heater, because of its special device, mustuse a pump with a slightly larger amount of water, and a small-flow pump isdifficult to achieve. Pipe pressurization is not a matter of installing a waterpump. There are many reasons for low water pressure. Typical such as pipeaging, especially galvanized pipe, will gradually rust after many years of use,resulting in water flow reduction caused by pipe blockage; If the degree ofelbow is too much, the amount of water will be reduced. The water pressurecaused by these reasons is low, and the effect is not obvious after the pump isinstalled.

The booster pump has a characteristic thatthe boosting effect is not significant when the pipe flow cannot keep up withthe flow rate of the pump or exceeds the flow rate of the pump. Therefore,before purchasing the pump, check the cause of the low water pressure, and donot blindly purchase the pump. To purchase, it is advisable to consult aplumber or find an experienced trader to be a staff member. The advantage ofthe business staff is that if the pump pressurization effect is not ideal, itcan be justified and demanded to be exchanged or returned.


The name of the booster pump is the pumpthat is installed on the pipeline and is a special name for many pumps.Generally speaking, a pipeline booster pump refers to a pump that is installedon a pipeline to transport liquid. It is not limited to a pump of a certaintype or form, and may be vertical or horizontal, such as a vertical multistagecentrifugal pump. Horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps, vertical singlestage centrifugal pumps, horizontal single stage centrifugal pumps,self-priming centrifugal pumps, etc. can all be called pipeline booster pumps.Generally speaking, the pipeline booster pump refers to a pump with a pipelinestructure, which can be directly connected in series like a pipeline.

Since the booster pump is another name forthe pump, then the selection of the pump is the same as that of the centrifugalpump. The parameters to be noted are nothing but the flow, lift, material, andspecific gravity of the medium. What we usually call pump flow and head refersto its rated flow and rated head. The so-called rated flow and rated head referto the pump inlet and outlet are fully open and work at power frequency (50Hz),the pump The amount of water pumped and the height at which water can bepumped. The rated head corresponding to the rated flow of the pump is calledthe optimum working point of the pump. This working point is the most efficientworking point of the pump. Therefore, choose the pump with the best workingpoint parameter when selecting the pump, so that not only the optimal potentialof the pump but also the service life of the pump can be improved.

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