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Centrifugal Chemical Pump supplier

Centrifugal Chemical Pump is a kind of centrifugal pump commonly used in the field of chemical engineering. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and so on.
What problems should pay attention toCentrifugal Chemical Pumps use?

Centrifugal Chemical Pump
1.The weight of the pipeline should not be added to the pump, they should have their own support body in installation, avoid deformation of the pump, and affect the operation performance and life.
2.Pump and motor is the overall structure, there is no need not find the correct installation, so it is very convenient.
3. When installing, the anchor bolt must be tightened so as to avoid the influence of vibration on the performance of the pump when starting.
4.Prohibit the pump in the flow operation, the motor over current operation for a long time.
5.Pumps should be supervised by special personnel during the operation so as to avoid accidents.
6 After long-term operation of the pump, mechanical has some abrasion, so that the unit noise and vibration increases,you should park and check the pump at this time, and if necessary, replacement of vulnerable parts and bearings, the unit overhaul period is generally one year.
7.Before starting, the pump (motor) should be moved several times, so as not to start suddenly, resulting in fracture of the sealing ring.

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