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Centrifugal Pumps Self Priming Failure Analysis

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Centrifugal pumps with its simple structure, easy maintenance and high efficiency become one of the most widely used agricultural pumps, but also because sometimes lift no water and people feel more trouble. Now let’s to see why lift no water.
1) Some users are not filled enough water before starting the pump ; sometimes it looks irrigation water from the bleed hole overflow, but the rotation shaft will be fully discharged air, causing a little air still remains in the inlet pipe or pump .
2) Pump packing worn by long-term use or filler weight too loose, resulting in a lot of water ejected from the gap filler and shaft sleeve, the result is the outside air enters the pump inside from these gaps,effect lifting water.
3) Inlet pipe is always underwater for long time.Pipe wall corrosion occurs.The water level is declining after pump work,when these holes out of the water, the air entering the inlet pipe from the hole.
4) The inlet pipe bends cracks appeared, slight gap between inlet pipe and pump connections appeared, are likely to allow air to enter into the water.
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