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Centrifugal Slurry pump manufacturer

Centrifugal Slurry pump routine maintenance:
1) Bearing water pressure, water to meet the requirements, at any time to adjust (or replace) the tightness of the filler, do not cause the shaft seal leakage. And timely replacement sleeve.
2) When replacing the bearing, be sure to ensure that the bearing assembly is dust-free and the lubricating oil is clean. The bearing temperature of the slurry pump is not more than 60- 650C and not more than 750C
3) To ensure that the motor and the slurry pump coaxiality, to ensure complete and correct elastic pad coupling, damaged should be promptly replaced.
4) to ensure that the slurry pump components and piping system installed correctly, solid and reliable.
5) Some components of the slurry pump belong to wearing parts, we should pay attention to the loss of wearing parts in daily use and repair or replace them in time. Slag slurry pump wearing parts repair or replacement process to ensure that the assembly is correct, clearance adjustment is reasonable, to avoid the phenomenon of tight astringent friction.
6) Slurry pump suction piping system must be leak-free state, while in operation should pay attention to the suction port is blocked. Slurry pump to deal with more media with solid particles, so placed in the pump into the grid should be consistent with the requirements of the slurry pump particles, reduce the excessive particles or long fibers into the pump may cause blockage possibility.

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Centrifugal Slurry pump

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