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Centrifugal pump casting process specification

Casting include modelling(sand mould, precoated sand), smelting(smelt material, and test before and after smelting to get standard mateiral).
The specific process is below:
1. Adjusting mould. Should adjust the mould to satandard, if have existing mould, if no, need make new mould.
2. Modelling use mould. Easy to say, that is use resin sand or other material to make a mould to same with the part
3. Preparing before casting. Use the mould to make the shape, after molding, pick up the mould, and bushing material, then fix.
4. Casting. After casting furnace getting the certain temperature, use a little material to test, and adjust to the standard. Then pour into the previous mould shape.
5. Molding. After the material solidification, can pick up the parts for further treatment.

Volute casing

6. Sand cleaning. Need go sand cleaning and polishing processing after casting.
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