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Centrifugal pump parts maintenance standards II

Standard for repairing centrifugal pumpbearings

1. Ellipticity and shaft diameter tapercannot be greater than one thousandth of the shaft diameter.

2. The roughness of the shaft diametersurface is Ra<1.6um.

3. The contact area between the shaftdiameter and the bearing bush should not be less than 60°90°, and its surface should not have corrosion marks.

4. The outer casing and the bearing shouldbe in close contact.

5, the bearing bush can not have cracks,sand holes, metal cutting and so on.

6. The tightness between the bearing capand the bearing bush is not less than 0.02~0.04mm.

7. The outer diameter of the ball bearingcannot be in contact with the inner wall of the bearing housing.

8. The radial bearing outer ring is incontact with the inner wall of the bearing housing with H7/h6.

More In Bearing

1, sliding bearing

(1) The interference between the bearingand the bearing gland is 0.02~0.04mm, the lower bearing lining is evenlycontacted with the bearing seat, and the contact area should be more than 60%.

(2) When replacing the bearing, the contactangle between the journal and the lower bearing is 60-900, the contact areashould be uniform, and the contact point is not less than 2 to 3 points persquare centimeter.

(3) The bearing alloy layer and the bearinglining should be firmly combined, and the surface of the alloy layer must nothave defects such as pores, slag inclusions and peeling.

(4) The top clearance should meet therequirements of the following table.

(5) The bearing side clearance is half ofthe top clearance on the horizontal mid-section.

2, rolling bearings

(1) The cooperation of the rolling bearingand the shaft subjected to axial and radial loads is H7/js6.

(2) The fit of the rolling bearing bearingthe radial load to the shaft is H7/k6.

(3) The outer ring of the rolling bearingis matched with the inner wall of the bearing housing as Js7/h6.

(4) For axial thrust thrust pumps withrolling bearings, the axial clearance of the outer ring of the rolling bearingshall be 0.02 to 0.06 mm.

(5) When the rolling bearing isdisassembled, the temperature of the hot-packing shall not exceed 100 °C, andit is strictly forbidden to directly heat by flame.

(6) The rolling elements of the rollingbearing and the surface of the oil and the slide should be free of corrosion,potholes and spots, and the contact is smooth and free of noise.

Standard for overhauling the centrifugalpump packing gland

1. The end face of the packing gland mustbe perpendicular to the axis.

2. The gap between the packing gland andthe sleeve diameter is 0.75~1.0mm.

3. The outer diameter of the packing glandand the gap of the packing box are 0.1~0.15mm.

4. The mechanical seal gland rubber padshould be higher than the contact surface 1.50~2.50mm.

Technical standard for repairing the oilseal ring of centrifugal pumps

1. The gap between the oil seal ring andthe bushing is 1.00~1.50mm.

2. The outer diameter of the sealing oilring is perpendicular to the end surface.

3. The gap between the packing box and thesealing oil ring is 0.15~0.2mm.

Standard for repairing centrifugal pumpcouplings

1. The plane clearance of the coupling: thecold oil pump is 2.2 to 4.2 mm, and the hot oil pump is larger than theprevious string of 1.55 to 2.05 mm.

2. The rubber ring of the coupling issmaller than the diameter of the perforation by 0.15~0.35mm.

3. Use special tools when disassembling thecoupling to keep it clean and free from bumps.

Standard for repairing centrifugal pump impeller

1. The surface of the impeller is free ofscale, sludge, cracks, etc.

2. The impeller key thickness is0.15~0.35mm smaller than the keyway depth.

3, the key and the keyway should be inclose contact, no more padding.

4, the new impeller needs to find balanceand static balance.

5. The impeller and the shaft are matchedwith H7/h6.

Standard for repairing centrifugal pumpshafts and bushings

1. The shaft diameter is allowed to bend nomore than 0.013mm, and the middle of the low-speed pump shaft is not more than0.07mm, and the middle of the high-speed pump shaft is not more than 0.04mm.

2, the shaft surface is smooth, no cracks,wear and so on.

3. The surface of the sleeve is keptRa=1.6um.

4. The shaft and bushing adopt H7/h6.

Standard for repairing centrifugal pumprotor

1. The shaft diameter sway is not more than0.013mm, the sleeve is not more than 0.02mm, the impeller ring is not more than0.04mm, and the axial sway of the impeller end is not more than 0.23mm.

2. The axial sway of the rotor and statorof the cold oil pump is not more than 1.9~3.9mm, and the axial sway of therotor and stator of the hot oil pump is not less than 3.5mm. The amount of thethrottle shaft seal and the pump shaft clearance should be between 0.25 and0.30 mm.

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