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Centrifugal pump parts maintenance standards III


1. The coupling between the coupling andthe shaft is H7/js6.

2. The axial clearance at both ends of thecoupling is generally 2 to 6 mm.

3. Install the gear coupling to ensure theouter teeth are in the middle position of the inner tooth width.

4. When the elastic ring pin coupling isinstalled, the elastic ring and the pin should be interference fit and have acertain tightening force. The diameter gap between the elastic pin and thecoupling hole is 0.40 to 0.60 mm.

5. The required value of the couplingalignment should meet the requirements of the following table.


1. The circular beating of the rotor

(1) The single-stage centrifugal pump rotorcircular runout tolerance value should meet the requirements.

(2) The rotor runout of the multistagecentrifugal pump should meet the requirements of the table.

2. For multi-stage pumps, if necessary, therotor should be checked for dynamic balance, and its requirements should meetthe technical requirements.

3. The sleeve and the shaft are matchedwith H7/h6, and the surface roughness is ▽1.6.

4. Balanced with the shaft as H7/js6.

5, impeller

(1) The cooperation between the impellerand the shaft is H7/js6.

(2) Static balance should be done when theimpeller

(3) The impeller is balanced by thede-weighting method. In the appropriate part, the thickness is not more than1/3 of the wall thickness.

(4) For the hot oil pump, when the impellerand the shaft are assembled, the top position of the key is left with a gap of0.10 to 0.40, and the axial clearance between the impeller and the front andrear partitions is not less than 1 to 2 mm.


1, mechanical seal

(1) The gap between the gland and thesleeve is 0.75 to 1.00 mm, and the thickness of the gasket between the glandand the seal is 1 to 2 mm.

(2) The roughness of the contact partbetween the sealing gland and the static ring sealing ring is ▽3.2.

(3) Install the shaft or bushing of themechanical seal part, the surface shall not have defects such as rust spots andcracks, and the roughness is ▽1.6.

(4) The root of the anti-rotation groove ofthe static ring tail and the top of the anti-rotation pin should maintain anaxial gap of 1~2mm.

(5) The work after spring compressionshould meet the design requirements, and the deviation is ±2mm.

(6) The direction of rotation of themechanical seal and the coil spring should be opposite to the direction ofrotation of the pump shaft.

(7) The gland bolt should be evenlytightened to prevent the end face of the gland from being skewed.

2, packing seal

(1) The gap between the sealing oil ringand the sleeve is generally 1.00 to 1.50 mm.

(2) The gap between the sealing oil ringand the stuffing box is 0.15 to 0.20 mm.

(3) The gap between the packing gland andthe sleeve is 0.75 to 1.00 mm.

(4) The gap between the packing gland andthe filling meter box is 0.10~0.30mm.

(5) The diameter of the bottom sleeve ofthe packing sleeve is 0.70 to 1.00 mm.

(6) The diameter of the pressure reducingring and the sleeve is 0.50 to 1.20 mm.

(7) The outer diameter of the packing ringshould be smaller than the packing box diameter of 0.30~0.50mm, the innerdiameter is larger than the shaft diameter of 0.10~0.20mm, and the angle of theslit is 45° with the axial direction.

(8) At the time of installation, theincisions of the adjacent two sides of the surface shall be staggered by atleast 90°.


1. The neck cylindricity is 1/4000 of theshaft diameter, the maximum value is not more than 0.025, and the surfaceshould be free from scratches, and the roughness is ▽1.6.

2. Based on the two journals, the radialrunout tolerance of the coupling and the middle section of the shaft is 0.04mm.

3, the key and the keyway should be tightlyfitted, no padding is allowed, and the interference between the key and thekeyway should meet the requirements of the table.

The diameter gap between the casing ring and theimpeller ring, the intermediate bracket and the intermediate bushing shouldmeet the requirements.
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