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Centrifugal pumps can be used to deliver liquids or gases

Most centrifugal pumps are built using cast iron or other metals like aluminum that can withstand harsh chemicals and conditions that would eventually destroy other materials. Centrifugal pumps are beneficial because they create a uniform flow and can be adapted to both solid and liquid mixes. However, a centrifugal pump cannot perform well under high pressures. The pump might need to be primed and could even become air bound. When the pump is air bound, it means that there is too much air in the system to create a vacuum. When this happens, no water will be pulled into the pump.
A centrifugal pump can be used to transport liquids or gasses such as chemicals, corrosive materials, oil, resin, acid, bleach, and more. Trash pumps are special centrifugal units designed to pump out large volumes of water at a rapid pace. Rather than pump pure water, trash pumps are used to pump polluted sources like sewage, sludge, and waste water. These materials can be very thick, so the pump’s impeller is designed with deep veins and a large discharge to create the necessary kinetic energy.
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