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Centrifugal split casing pump cavitation

When the pressure P1 at the pump inlet is equal to or less than the saturated vapor pressure PV of the liquid at the same temperature, the liquid is vaporized and the bubbles are rapidly condensed or ruptured under the high pressure, the pressure is extremely high, The pump body strong vibration and noise, liquid flow, pressure head (outlet pressure) and efficiency decreased significantly. This phenomenon is called the centrifugal split casing pump cavitation.
Split casing pump operation (energy conversion): before the pump starts, the pump housing filled with the liquid being transported; after start, the impeller driven by the shaft high-speed rotation, the liquid between the leaves must be with the rotation. Under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid from the impeller center was thrown to the outer edge and get energy to leave the outer edge of the impeller speed into the volute pump shell. In the volute, the liquid due to the gradual expansion of the flow channel to slow down, in turn part of the kinetic energy into static pressure, and finally to a higher pressure into the discharge pipe, sent to the required place. Liquid from the center of the impeller to the outer edge of the impeller in the center of the formation of a certain vacuum, the pressure above the tank surface above the pump inlet pressure, the liquid will be continuously pressed into the impeller. Visible, as long as the impeller continues to rotate, the liquid will continue to be inhaled and discharged.
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