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Chemical Transfer Pumps Electric Factory From China

All along, corrosion is one of the most troublesome hazards of chemical equipment, a slight carelessness, ranging from damage to equipment, heavy cause accidents and even lead to disaster. According to the statistics, about 60% of the destruction of chemical equipment is caused by corrosion. Therefore, the selection of chemical transfer pumps electric should first pay attention to the scientific material selection. There is often a misunderstanding that stainless steel is a "universal material," no matter what the media and environmental conditions are held stainless steel pump, which is very dangerous.
1.Sulfuric acid as one of the strong corrosive medium, sulfuric acid is an important use of a wide range of industrial raw materials. Different concentrations and temperatures of sulfuric acid on the corrosion of materials vary greatly, for the concentration of more than 80%, the temperature is less than 80 ℃ of concentrated sulfuric acid, carbon steel and cast iron has good corrosion resistance, but it is not suitable for high-speed flow of sulfuric acid, Not suitable for pump valve material; common stainless steel such as 304 (0Cr18Ni9), 316 (0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti) sulfuric acid medium is also limited use. Therefore, the delivery of sulfuric acid pump valve usually adopts high silicon cast iron (casting and processing difficult), high alloy stainless steel (20 alloy) manufacturing. Fluoroplastic has good resistance to sulfuric acid, the use of fluorine pump (F46) is a more economical choice.

2.Hydrochloric acid most of the metal materials are not resistant to hydrochloric acid corrosion (including a variety of stainless steel), molybdenum high ferrosilicon can only be used for 50 ℃, hydrochloric acid below 30%. In contrast to metallic materials, the vast majority of non-metallic materials have good corrosion resistance to hydrochloric acid, so lined rubber pumps and plastic pumps (such as polypropylene, fluoroplastic, etc.) is the best choice for the delivery of hydrochloric acid.

3.Nitric acid Most metals are mostly corroded in nitric acid. Stainless steel is the most widely used nitric acid resistant material and has good corrosion resistance to all concentrations of nitric acid at ambient temperature. It is worth mentioning that stainless steel containing molybdenum (such as 316 , 316L) The corrosion resistance of nitric acid is not only not superior to ordinary stainless steel (such as 304,321), sometimes even worse. For high temperature nitric acid, usually titanium and titanium alloy materials.

4.Acetic acid It is one of the most corrosive substances in organic acids. Ordinary steel is seriously corroded in all concentrations and temperatures of acetic acid. Stainless steel is an excellent acetic acid-resistant material. Molybdenum-containing 316 stainless steel is also suitable for high temperature and thinning Acetic acid steam. For high temperature and high concentration of acetic acid or other corrosive media and other harsh requirements, the choice of high alloy stainless steel pump or fluorine plastic pump.

5.Alkali (sodium hydroxide) steel is widely used in sodium hydroxide solution below 80 ℃, 30% concentration, there are many factories at 100 ℃, 75% below the ordinary steel is still used, although the corrosion increased, but the economy is good. Ordinary stainless steel lye corrosion resistance and cast iron compared with no obvious advantages, as long as the medium allows a small amount of iron content is not recommended for incorporation of stainless steel. For high temperature alkaline use of titanium and titanium alloy or high alloy stainless steel.

6.Ammonia (ammonia hydroxide) Most metals and non-metals in liquid ammonia and ammonia (ammonia hydroxide) corrosion are minor, only copper and copper alloy should not be used.

7.Brine (sea water) Common steel corrosion rate in sodium chloride solution and seawater, salt water is not too high, the general shall be used paint protection; all kinds of stainless steel also have a low uniform corrosion rate, but may be due to chloride ions caused by localized corrosion , Usually 316 stainless steel is better.

8. Alcohols, ketones, esters, ethers common alcohol medium with methanol, ethanol, ethylene glycol, propanol, ketones have acetone, butanone, etc., ester medium has a variety of methyl ester, B Esters, ethers medium ether, ether, butyl ether, etc. They are basically non-corrosive, common materials are applicable, the specific selection should be based on the media properties and related requirements to make a reasonable choice. It is also noteworthy that ketones, esters, ethers are soluble in a wide variety of rubbers and avoid mistakes when selecting sealing materials.

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Chemical Transfer Pumps Electric

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