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Chemical pumps factory china

Are you looking for a trustworthy manufacturer which productchemical pumps?Shijiazhuang An Pump Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the best choices.Today we have some questions and terms of settlementsinChemical pump use to tell you.

(1) Chemical pumps can not start or start heavy load?

Q:The prime mover or the power supply is abnormal.
S:Check the power supply and the prime mover.
Q:The pump is jammed.
S:Use the hand disk dynamic coupling inspection, if necessary, have a disintegration inspection, eliminate static and dynamic parts of the fault.
Q:The packing is too tight.
S:Relax the filler.
Q:The drain valve is not closed.
S:Shut down the drain valve and restart.
Q:The balance pipe is not unobstructed.
S:Dredge the balance tube.
(2)Chemical pumps are interrupted after liquid discharge
Q:When the pump is pumping, the suction side gas is not discharged.

S:Pump again.

Chemical pump

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