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Chemical pumps factory price

Chemical pump is widely used in chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, chemical, foil and other industries, and they all have important uses.
Applications of chemical pump:
Chemical pumps are suitable for the extraction of corrosive liquids in bottles, drums, tanks, tanks, or other containers.Chemical pump performance is stable and reliable,it has good sealing performance and beautiful appearance, besides it is easily to use and maintenance.In order to improve the quality of products, reduce running, dash, drop and leak to prevent pollution,chemical pumps play a great role.
Chemical pumps are suitable for conveying corrosive media at various degrees of temperature or media with high physical and chemical properties in chemical, petroleum, metallurgical, power plants, food, pharmaceutical, synthetic fiber and other sectors.
Chemical pumps are used for transporting clean water, corrosive, substances that is harmful to ordinary pump material, suspended, corrosive to stainless steel, and non explosive substance.

At the same time, chemical pumps are widely used in water supply; circulation system of air conditioning for cooling and heating ; in civil and industrial ; in fire control; in irrigation; in daily use and civil, industrial, gardening, rainwater harvesting projects; in low-noise occasions and pressurized pipe network.

Chemical pump

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