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China Stainless steel pump for sale

Do you buy the pump from China before?
Why? Is there any China stainless steel pump for sale?

If you have the questions like this, the answer is yes, there are many stainless steel pump for sale in China. In fact, the Chinese manufacturer do nearly 60% pumps all over the world, Even the most famous brand of ITT, Flowserve and others put their cast foundry at China or buy from China as OEM. But do careful when you try to find out the China stainless steel pump for sale, they are like the rose, beautiful but if you don’t take care, it will hurt your hand!

1.Never only find one or two, in fact, now it is internet time and it is very easy to get many many supplier in the web and never try to make the decision only find one or two.
2.Don’t only make the decision based on the price. The price is very very important but it is do not the best one. In fact, the cost the pump is whole uselife and the first purchase only might be 30% in whole life cost and if you buy from China, maybe only 10%-20%. There are so many different guy from the shop to good factory with foundry, you could find everything in China but you should remover to get what you need not what is the cheapest.
3.What is my requirement? It is one good questions but very hard to say, your engineer should tell you when you are the new guy in purchase what pump they need or, if you have to find by yourself, get good sales man or sales engineer from the manufacturer, tell them what you are facing. In usual, for the pump, you need know the pump flow and head with what liquid pump, water is the most easy one and sometimes it is chemical, sea water, water with solids, dirty water or slurry etc.
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China Stainless steel pump for sale

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