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China Submersible Pump Manufacturer

An pump is one of professional of china submersible pump manufacturer.
ASJ series deep well submersible pump is well directly connecting with diving asynchronous motor, assembles into submersible pumps. It is drive into the well, to extract the effective implement of geothermal water.
1. Using water lubricated bearings; coupling rigidly coupled to the coupling of the motor use.
2.It works in a motor driven pump impeller rotating centrifugal force, the liquid energy increases, the diversion effect of the pump casing, liquid water pumping.

China Submersible Pump Manufacturer
3.When the deep well pump in the pump top with a check valve to prevent the pump shutdown, yang who is back in the water, and damage the working parts, affecting the life of the pump.
4.Scuppers while the design of the valve, you can let go of the line of water slowly to prevent winter frost crack pipe.
5.Motor is sealed water-filled motor. Full of water inside the motor for cooling the motor and lubricating the bearings.

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