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China chemical transfer pumps electric

QIH chemical pump is the best China chemical transfer pumps electric motor driven.
An Pump Machinery is the professional stainless steel chemical pump manufacturer with professional furnish and equipment for stainless steel and duplex stainless steel. Our QIH is international design chemical transfer pumps with electric motor.
Our OIH chemical pump always made by SS304, SS316 or SS304L and SS316L and even duplex stainless steel for different applications. SS304 is the most popular one and widely used in different kinds of chemical transfer and in usual, SS316 is better materials but also expansive than SS304.
To confirm the quality, we also use famous brand of Mengniu motor in China. Mengniu is the brand of Hengshui Motor and it is very very good quality motor in China and we could also do the pump in SImens or ABB original or some others brand motor for different budget or other requirement of the customers.
Our shaft, shaft sleeve and bearing and seal rings wet end parts always in good cast quality as well to make sure good operation in the work site. The engineer will select the different brand of mechanical seal for different conditions requirement of the chemical resistant.
Pls contact us for more details when you need by the chemical transfer pump with electric motor.
Here is some basic information of our pump and pls be free to contact me for more details:
Flow can high to 2600m³/h;
Head can up to 250m;
Operation Pressure can be reach 2.5MPa;
Operation temperature -80℃~+450℃;
Inlet/outlet size φ25~400mm;
The material of pump flow part are as followings: SS304, SS304L,
316, 316L, CD-4MCu, 904, 904L, hastelloy.

chemical transfer pumps electric

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