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China dredge pump manufacturers

Dredge pump adopts front-disassembly structure in favor of easy disassembly and maintenance. Also it is equipped with special disassembly tools for each different part according to each parts features. It has good Performance on NPSH. The good NPSH performance ensures the strong suction ability as well as deeper dredging depth and denser dredging concentration. It has Good Wear-resistant Performance, Long Service Time of Wet Parts: Wet parts of this kind of dredging pump-impeller, liner and front & back liner plate are adapted anti-wear cast iron alloy which has both strong anti-attack feature and higher resistance wear and resistance abrasion features.
Shijiazhuang An Pump Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the market leaders for dredge pumpsmanufacturer more than 30 years in China. We have our own casting factory&mechanical processing factory. So if you want to find China dredge pump manufacturers,please contact us.

dredge pump manufacturers

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