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Diesel Driven Centrifugal Pump In China

Our AN PUMP machinery can supply diesel driven centrifugal pumpis a new generation of single stage double suction centrifugal split case pump with high performanceand reliability,it is mainly applied to liquid transferring occasionslike water works,air conditioner circulation water,heat supply pipe network system,building water supply, irrigation, drainage pump station, power station, industrial water supply system, fire fighting system,ship industry,water supply and drainage for mines, etc.
Diesel driven split case large flow centrifugal pump could be customized with different material, main material configuration followed :

Recommended Material Configuration (For reference only)
Item Clean water Drink water Sewage water Hot water Sea water
Case & Cover Gray iron (HT250) S.S304 Ductile iron (QT500) Cast Steel Duplex S.S 2205
Impeller Gray iron (HT250) S.S304 Ductile iron (QT500) 2Cr13 Duplex S.S 2205
Wearing ring Gray iron (HT250) S.S304 Ductile iron (QT500) 2Cr13 Duplex S.S 2205
Shaft C.S 45 S.S420 40Cr 40Cr Duplex S.S 2205
Shaft sleeve C.S 45 S.S304 S.S304 S.S304 Duplex S.S 2205
Remarks: detailed material list will according to liquid and site conditions

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