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Dredge Pump Efficiency

The dredge pump efficiency is the most important factor for the dredge pump!

The dredger pump always big size pump with very big capacity and head. In usual, in the dredger, the pump could use as big as 500kw or more diesel engine. It is easy to understand that if the dredge pump efficiency could be lower 5%, the fuel cost should be much less.

Dredge Pump

In fact, it is not only the lower cost in fuel cost because you may use electric motor sometimes… OK, it is same but save the energy of electrical. But in fact, when the efficiency higher, it always related lower cost in wearing and you could use smaller pump than some pump not so much efficiency. The High efficiency dredge pump always mean good NPSH, which is related the depth of suction for your cutter suction dredger and you will feel it is more powerful in operation.

So, please never forget try to check the curve with your supplier and if there is better dredge pump efficiency, select it first!

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