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Electric Irrigation Water Pump Factory

An Pump supply all kinds of pump,tody we introduce one of the hotest products-elctric irrigation water pump.

Electric irrigation water pump notice:
1. Before installing the coupling or belt, check that the steering of the drive is correct and look at the pump for clockwise rotation It is strictly prohibited reverse operation !Otherwise there will be a great person and equipment damage.
2. The pump must not be operated for a long time at low or no flow. Otherwise it will cause the pump unit vibration or even pumping liquid Vaporization, cause equipment damage.
3. Pump is a Rotating equipment, before installing and maintaining the pump unit ,must cut off the power .Otherwise may cause personal injury.
4. When the pump unit operations, it is forbidden to enter or remove the safe guard , otherwise it will cause personal injury.

There also have sea water pump,paper pulp pump, dredge pump in stock.Please contact us for more information.Electric irrigation water pump

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