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Four methods to improve the energy efficiency for the slurry pump

As we all know, the slurry pump is an essential mineral processing equipment industry, its main role is to provide the impetus for pipeline transportation.
Slurry pumps
from the use of unreasonable or blind method of choice, leading to the slurry pump energy waste, excessive wear and other issues.
Here ANPUMP technician simple explanation reasonable for the slurry pump using in several methods:
1. In accordance with the type of ore reasonable choice liner materials.
2. In accordance with the actual needs of the flow and head selection. Maybe bigger but lower speed of the slurry pumps are the best solution.
3. The motor and slurry pump power must be matched reasonable
4. The scientific and rational installation
The above four is safe for your slurry pumps selection and operation, as long as the rational use of these methods concentration, the concentrations will be able to improve their productivity, to achieve energy efficiency goals for the slurry pumps.
slurry pump
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