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Gravel Pump For Sale

Are you lookingfor gravel pump for sale?An Pump is a good choice for you.We can supply the best quality gravel pump for you.

AMG series pumps are horizontal, single pump casing structure of the centrifugal pump.
The gravel pump using a special clamp to clamp the pump body and the pump cover, the pump outlet direction can be in any position of 360 degrees, easy to install and use.
The pump bearing assembly uses a cylindrical structure, easy to adjust the gap between the impeller and the pump body, the overall removal of the maintenance. The bearings are lubricated with grease.
The shaft seal type of pump includes packing seal, impeller seal and mechanical seal.
The pump channel is wide, cavitation performance is good, high efficiency, wear resistance.
Gravel pump transmission methods are mainly V-shaped V-belt drive, flexible coupling drive, gear reducer drive, hydraulic coupling drive, variable frequency drive devices, SCR speed control.
The material of the flow-through parts adopts high hardness wear-resistant alloy cast iron.
Using a variety of speeds and a variety of ways to make the pump run in the best conditions. Long service life, high operating efficiency, can meet many types of poor delivery conditions.
The GH pump is a high lift pump. Mainly used for the continuous transportation of strong abrasive materials due to the particles being too large to be conveyed by a general slurry pump. It is suitable for dredging, suctioning gravel, dredging rivers, mining and metallurgical blasting slag conveying.
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