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Gravel pumps questions and answers

Gravel pumps questions and answers:
Q: what is the main difference for different frame type about gravel pumps?
A: Dear user, for the main difference is the different supported capacity. Like F frame can support pump work under heavy duty work. But E frame only can support little light works. So F frame gravel pump can work in much higher capacity and pressure.
Also their available passage size is different.
Q: If so, if we only need to transfer the slurry with fine solid or mud, we can use the small frame gravel pump??
A: Yes, sir, actually the small or big frame is used when you compared. Like E frame is smaller than F frame. But bigger than D frame. So if you have any need, can contact our engineer (tech@angroupcn.com) for further information.
Q: Well, for gravel pump, can dredging under the sea?
A: Yes, it can work submerged. But need our further technic support. If you need, can email us for details. Thanks!
If you intrested in Gravel pumps,you can contact us.we can offer Gravel pumps to you.
Gravel pumps
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