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High Pressure Slurry Pump Factory

An Pump is a professionalhigh pressure slurry pump manufacturer in China.How will solid particles affect slurry pump during production of slurry pump?
Slurry pumps are used in metallurgy, mining, coal, electric power, building materials, environmental protection and other industries, such as tailings, fine sand, ash, coal, gravel and other media.
Slurry pump is used in different industries to transport medium, which is commonly known as slurry pump. It's a solid particle. Therefore, the slurry pump is affected by the solid particles during the operation, thus affecting the life of the pump.The flow rate of the slurry pump is relatively smooth, and the flow resistance loss of the pipeline increases slowly with the increase of the flow.
The Angle between the line characteristic curve and the performance curve is very small, so that a small change in the head can cause a large change in the flow rate.
The wear of slurry pump can affect the life of slurry pump, so the correct material is the key factor of pump design.The main cause of wear and tear is sliding erosion and particle impact.
Therefore, the customer chooses slurry pump, should consider from two aspects:
1. Use of slurry pump.
Different industries have different working conditions, and the medium used for slurry pump is different.
These media are generally solid state, so the hardness of the medium is different.
When the slurry pump is conveying the medium, the medium will collide with the slurry pump, and the life of the slurry pump will be affected by the friction between the medium and the slurry pump.Therefore, the user should consider the working condition of slurry pump when choosing slurry pump, so as to prolong the service life of the pump.
2. Material of slurry pump.
High chromium alloy is characterized by high wear resistance, good compressive strength, good stability and good softening resistance.

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