We are a professional manufacturer of slurry pumps,sewage pumps,etc.
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High Quality Centrifugal Slurry Pump Manufacturers

Shijiazhuang An Pump Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional centrifugal slurry pump manufacturers of China. We are professional in wear and abrasive resistance material. We aim to lower pump operating and maintenance costs when dealing the with toughest and high-wear applications.

High Quality Centrifugal Slurry Pump Manufacturers

An Pump Machinery is to serve global industries that supply valuable raw materials to the marketplace with trustworthy and reliable pumps, parts, and service. We exist to provide unmatched engineering excellence, low lead times through global inventory stock, attentive customer service, and cost-effectiveness for our customers. Our products are widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal washing, power generation plant, sewage water treatment, dredging, and chemical and petroleum industries.
We are your one stop solution in the heavy duty centrifugal slurry pumps in industries like hard rock mining, mineral processing, power generation, aggregate production, or any type of slurry pumping application.
Our pumps are designed for the robustest abrasive and corrosive pumping environments. The main pump parts are made of high chrome alloy, variety of elastomers or the latest in ceramic materials for longer service life and higher efficiencies.
And, the pump parts are interchangeable with one of the most recognized brands worldwide in the slurry pump business. That is to say, a further reduction of customer costs, consolidation of inventory and interchangeability with existing pumps.
Our aims and objectives are to drive down your cost of slurry pumping. We accept OEM business, pump and pump parts are both ok.

We supply paper pulp pump, dredge pump and so on.If you need,please contact us.

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