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High Quality Paper Pulp Pump Factory

AJY high efficient energy saving paper pulp pump factory , with advantage from broad and domestic, we take advanced design theory to develop new type pump, hydraulic design with theory “relative suction, relative obstruction” . The pump wet parts hydraulic performance is compliance with pump flow law, then reduce the erosion and wear of wet parts by liquid.
Greatly improve the pump efficiency and service life.

AJY paper pulp Pump Advantages
1. High efficiency, Energy saving: operation efficiency is 3-10% higher than ordinary pulp pump,
energy saving to 15-30%
2. Good NPSH, Long service: actual using life is twice-third time than ordinary pulp pump.
3. High concentrations, Non-clogging: transfer pulp concentration max to 6%.
4. Reasonable structure, Easy maintenance: Pump head is front, rear casing structure, when
maintenance there is no need to remove pipe line, only remove the electric motor backwards,
then could disassemble and repair the pump.
Particularly applicable industry
1. Paper Industry: Suitable for transfer paper pulp concentration max to 6%, and liquid cycle
transmission during base recovery processing, for lifting and pressing.
2. Sugar Industry: Suitable for transfer syrup max to 4%, and viscosity max 150 mm2/S.
3. Urban Sewage Treatment, Suitable for transfer sewage, waste water, for lifting and pressing

More types pumps,such as centrifugal slurry pump,electric irrigation water pump,etc..Please contact us.

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