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High Quality Sea Water Pump

Sea water pump is one type of pumping machine for sea water transfer.It is always called sea water pump or short as sw pump. In usual, they used at the marine or offshore field. Sometimes worked as the fire fight pump, sometimes as the feed pump of the cooling system and another typical used as RO pump of the desalination plant.

Comparing normal water pump, as the sea water is corrosive with CL- and others salty, stainless steel is the most popular materials and in some sea water not clean, the engineer always select the duplex stainless steel or copper as the materials for the pump wet end parts.

Furthermore, as the salty work conditions in the sea or near the sea, it always required more from the painting to the seal parts. And the worker maintenance work also very important or the pump very easy to become corrosion soon.

An Pump Machinery QS series Split case pump with special design shaft seal and widely used as the sea water pump in big marine cool circulation system and many other different sea water transfer.

The QS series single stage double-suction, horizontal split casing centrifugal pumps one of the main characters is large flow rate. It can reach 110m3/h—10000m3/h. The pump structure simple, easy for operation and maintenance. It is suitable for pure water or liquids similar to water in physico-chemical property. We can use stainless steel material for the corrosion liquids. This model is widely used in agriculture irrigation, fire fighting, steel, power industry. The pump head range 6-145m, it can be used in series when high head. Small amount of particles <10mm can pass through.

An Pump Machinery will be your best sea water pump supplier when you have job in sea water transfer!

Sea Water Pump

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