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High Quality Sea Water Pump Supplier

An Pump is a high quality sea water pump supplier in China.There are plenty of reasons for you to chooseAn pump.

High Quality QS Sea Water pump Featurers
(1) Have QS and QSH two types.
Viewed from motor, the direction of the QSH pump is anti-clockwise, that is the suction in the left, the discharge in the right. The rotating direction of the type QS pump is clockwise, that is the suction in the right, the discharge in the left. Also can move the driver to another edge according to the user’s requires. Then, the rotating direction, the suction and discharge direction is in the opposite as the described above.
(2) Supply full set split-casing centrifugal pump, motor, coupling, the inlet diameter less than 200mm match the common base.
(3) The pump is axial split casing construction.
(4) Large capacity
3.High Quality QS Sea Water pump Application

Industry Plumbing Applications
Generalwatersupply Circulation of HVAC building systems,water booster service, boilerfeed,general circulation service andmore.
Agriculture/Food/Beverage Irrigation,watersupply,food processing,beverage processing ,fertilizers.
Manufacturing Pulp and paper fans,plastic&rubber,metal&steel, pharmaceutical,papermills,airwash,marine ballast service.
Fire/DisasterRelief Firepumps,fireprotection,flood control,disaster relief, federal/military.
Utilities:Water/Wastewater Power Generation stations,dewatering,desalination, energy recovery turbines
Chemical/Mining Chemical plants,refineries,petroleum distribution,coalsites, ethylene glycol pumping.

Besides the sea water pump,we centrifugal slurry pump,electric irrigation water pump and so on.If you need,please contact us.

Sea Water Pump Supplier

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