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High pressure irrigation water pump

Are you looking for good quality irrigation pump with low price? We recommend Shijiazhuang An Pump Machinery Co., Ltd to you.It is a professional pump supplier.

Farmland irrigation is an indispensable task in agriculture, especially in the absence of rainy season, this work is more frequent. General farmland irrigation is from the river, drains inside the water out to the farmland for irrigation, or in the rated pressure below the water to the air spray down. High pressure irrigation water pump can be generally selected. The amount of water supplied by the high pressure irrigation water pump depends on the size of the farmland, the soil conditions and the climatic conditions. The customer needs to determine the hourly water requirement according to the actual working conditions.

High pressure irrigation water pump


1.Compact structure,beautiful outline,stable operation,low noise;
2.Both inlet and outlet of this pump are placed under the axial line,so it is unnecessary to remove the inlet and outlet pipeline and motor;

3.The shaft seal of water pump has fine mechanical seal and soft stuffing seal,which can be selected according to different condition by user;

4.The impeller is static-balance calibrated,fixed on the shaft with round nut,and its axial position can be adjustedvia the round nut;

5.The pump is direct drived by motor via resilient coupling,it can be drived by internal combustion engine if it is necessary.

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