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Horizontal Slurry Pump In China

An Pump is a horizontal slurry pump manufacturer in China.We haverich experience in pump production.

Attention when using AZ horizontal slurry pump:
In the operation of the An Pump AZ series slurry pump, the focus is on checking the following aspects:

First, the bearing is working properly
1,Oil temperature: Do not exceed 60°C.
2, oil level: no oil ring rolling bearings, oil surface should not be lower than the ball center; oil ring bearings, oil surface should be able to bury one-fifth of the diameter of the oil ring. In order to monitor the oil level, bearings are provided with oil level gauges or oil gauges.
3, oil conditions: can not enter the water into the impurities, can not be emulsified or black.
4, Are there any abnormal sounds: In particular, abnormal noise may occur in rolling bearings and damage.

horizontal slurry pump

Second, the vacuum gauge, pressure gauge, ammeter reading is normal
1, the vacuum gauge pointer can not swing too large, such as the swing is too large may be the entrance of the vaporization. In addition, the vacuum gauge reading can not be too high, too high may be stuck in the entrance door jam, or the entrance door flap off, the sink water level decreases.
2, The pressure gauge reading is too low, which may be due to poor working of the pump components and serious wear of the seal ring. In addition, when the system requires a large amount of water, the pump outlet pressure will also decrease.
3.ammeter reading is too large, it may be a large amount of water supply, the pump friction occurred. If the ammeter reading is too small, it means that the pump has fallen into the water or the outside world does not need as much water.

Third, the pump body vibration
Slurry pump vibration amplitude generally does not exceed 0.08 mm.
The causes of vibration are:
1. The center of slurry pump and motor is not correct.
2, The anchor bolt of the pump body or motor is loose or the foundation is not firm.
3, bearing cap tight enough. Causes the bearing shell to bouncing in the body.
4, the rotor quality is not balanced.
5, volute pump, especially some high-head volute pump, in a small flow, there will be varying degrees of vibration, this is because the radial force on the rotor at this time. When the outlet valve opens to a certain degree, the vibration disappears.
Fourth, filling work is normal
1, should be able to slightly drip, not too tight, otherwise it will emit smoke. However, if it is too loose, it will leak large amounts of water and it is easy to pump oil into the bearing to emulsify it.
2, should be regularly replaced packing, hardened will not be a shaft seal effect. Long soaking time will rot the stuffing tank

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