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Horizontal close coupled pump installation instruction

Installation instructions

(1) Before installation should check the pump setfastening element without loosening phenomenon, the pump passagewaywith or without foreign body block, so as not to damage the impeller and pump casing when itrunning.

(2) The weight of the pipeline should not be appendon the pump, so as not to deformation of the pump.

(3) Wheninstallation must tightentheanchor bolts, so as to avoideffect of vibration on pump performance.

(4) For the convenience of maintenance and safety, install a regulating valve on the inlet and outlet piping of the pump and install a pressure gauge near the pump outlet to ensure that the pump is running within the rated head and flow range, increase the service life of the pump.

(5) Afterassembly, thepumpimpellershouldn'tbejammedor have anysoundas "click", when it is rolled,otherwisethepumpshould bedisassembled tohave ainspection.


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