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How can you choose a proper kind of fire pump according to the driving way?

Please read ahead. At present, there are two main driving ways. The first kind is driven by the electric engine while the second kind is done by the crude oil engine. The electric engine is the commonest kind of driving way. There are many types for your free choice. They can be automatically controlled and started very quickly. In addition, you can afford any of them with low price. The primitive products of crude oil engines are unable to be automatically controlled. Please choose your needed fire pump with useful functions.
You need not to consider the operating cost of the fire pump set. What matters is the input in the first time. Here is a proper kind of reasonable choice for you. Take the fire fighting pump in a large oil storeroom for example. You need two sets of foam fire pumps driven by the crude oil engines and two sets of cooling fire pumps driven by the crude oil engines, which costs about 90 000 dollars.
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