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How to confirm the centrifugal pump inlet & outlet size

The principle of setting the outlet andinlet diameter of the centrifugal pump: Generally, the outlet diameter isselected according to the economic flow rate, and the outlet diameter isdetermined based on the flow. Technically, the maximum speed of the water flowshould not exceed 2.5 3.0m / s, and the minimum speedshould not be less than 0.6m / s (to prevent sedimentation).

Low inlet flow rate, advantages

1. It is beneficial to increase the NPSHAof the device, and the pump is not easy to cavitation;

2. Small scour on pipelines, especiallymedia containing particles;

3. Not easy to generate static electricity;

4. Low pressure drop at the inlet filter;

5. Within the same section, the mediumflows evenly and the hydraulic loss is small.

Low inlet flow rate, disadvantages

1. At the same flow, a large pipe diameteris required, and the pipeline cost is high;

2. For some easy-to-precipitate media, theflow rate is too small, which is likely to cause deposition blockage;

3. Large impeller inlet, large ringdiameter and large leakage.

The water inlet of the pump is generallylarger than the outlet diameter. Someone asked that whether the diameter of theinlet and outlet pipes of the centrifugal pump must be larger than the diameterof the inlet and outlet of the pump itself. This problem requires specificanalysis.

For most pumps, the purpose of increasing thediameter of the inlet and outlet pipes is to reduce the flow velocity of thefluid in the pipe to reduce the resistance drop of the pipe and ultimatelyreduce the power consumption of the pump. However, increasing the pipe diameteris to increase the investment cost of the pipe as At the cost, in this way, forpipelines with a long distance from the pump outlet, you can considerappropriately increasing the diameter of the pipe to reduce the resistancedrop, and for short distances, you do not need to consider; and for thematerial delivered by the pump inlet is liquefied gas, the temperature is closeMaterials that are likely to be cavitation such as boiling point and lowsuction position should be considered to increase the diameter of the pumpinlet pipe to reduce the resistance drop and avoid pump cavitation.

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