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How to connect the pipe and centrifugal water pump

When the vibration occurs in pump station, the specific situation, each of the possible causes of vibration analysis, identify the problem, taking effective technical measures to eliminate them. Some of the measures is relatively simple, some quite complicated measures. If you need a lot of money, several programs can be used to deal with the technical and economic comparison, combined with technological innovation unit carried.
Unit vibration causes and elimination measures:

1, trash rack congestion, reduce water into the pool. Elimination measures: column gate clean up pollution, installing fence gate clean up pollution devices.

2, into the pool before the pool and the unreasonable design of inlet conduit for the pump is not complete so water conditions deteriorate. Elimination measures: column gate clean up pollution, installing fence gate clean up pollution means the rational design of the pool into the top, into the pool and into the flow path design.

3, siphon too long, long time to run the unit in off-design conditions. Elimination measures: increase provided vacuum means for rational design and improvement siphon outlet conduit.

4, water pipe or fixed is not strong resonance. Elimination measures: Canadian town pier and buttress existing piping, pipe supports reinforcement, changing operating parameters, slurry pump manufacturers to change operating parameters to avoid the resonance region.

water pump

5, shoot the door repeatedly hit the door closed seat or impact force is too large. Elimination measures: the flow channel (or pipe) prior to export to set up vent, designed to shoot the door to take control measures to reduce the impact force to shoot the door closed.

6, and dramatic changes in the water pipe water hammer pressure. Elimination measures: slow closing valves and surge shaft and other strong measures to prevent water hammer pump.

7, unit start-up and shutdown sequence unreasonable, resulting in deterioration of the pump inlet conditions. Elimination measures: optimize boot and shutdown sequence. Slurry in rotating equipment and mobile media, low-intensity mechanical vibration is inevitable. Thus, in the manufacturing and installation process unit, the unit in the design, operation and management should be avoided whenever possible interference problems caused by vibration, the vibration to a minimum to reduce the harm

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