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How to control the vibration of slurry pump ?

A. spring isolator installation :
a china slurry pump spring isolator style options:
Generally used free-standing spring shock absorber , the advantage of simple structure , low cost ; spring exposed, easy to observe any spring state , the need to replace the springs disposed in advance in order to avoid excessive corrosion damage the spring , causing sudden subsidence caused by the china slurry pump device damage and piping , etc. is like tearing .
b springs selection:
General damper manufacturers use springs must meet the following requirements: spring diameter should be less than its rated load of 0.8 times the height ; spring must have some extra stroke , the vortex flowmeter at least equal to 50% of the rated static deflection ; spring the horizontal stiffness is at least 100% of the steel straight strong to ensure the stability of the shock absorber .
c Select the damper spring deflection ;
Tigong manufacturers typically damper spring deflection damper rated ( nominal compression spring ) is generally 25MM ( since the frequency value of about 3-4HZ), the deflection of the china slurry pump can be transferred in isolation of 650 per minute . When the speed is below 650 , it is recommended to use the following 40 deflection of spring isolators .
B. Installation of rubber isolator :
Rubber isolator of choice : the material is generally neoprene (CR), natural rubber (NR); generally used in compression -type rubber shock absorber , water china slurry pump for lighter weight , the choice of cut -type rubber shock absorber ;
Compared with spring shock absorbers, rubber damper isolation performance relative difference more.
C. inert base installation :
To meet the more stringent standard vibration system , the installation of inert base when used in conjunction with the spring isolator, is undoubtedly the best choice.
Inert base specification : a base weight of about 1-2 times the weight of the china slurry pump ; solid frame made ​​by the groove locks , the height of length less than 1/12 , but not less than 150MM, not more than 300MM; length wide size should be able to cover the entire china slurry pump included, and each side more than 10-15 cm is appropriate. And best able to Bay Head are also covered ; within watered cement, steel mesh floor and built- in one-third of the height ; spring isolator installation and basic pitch to the base 3-5 cm.
Second, the china slurry pump vibration control treatment effect :
Based on china slurry pumping equipment , the processing method described above can be achieved by more than 85-99 % of the isolation effect , so as to solve the china slurry pump vibration to bring people live, and industrial production problems from the root.
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