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How to do in shaft seal of the gland packing seal slurry pump first installation.

1, You should ask worker recheck the sealparts as some manufacturer will not add the seal or the stuffing box is onlyinstall but no tighten at all. Or as long time shipment, it will be not closedenough and it will be leakage if you don’t re tighten it.

The worker should tighten the stuffing boxbolts until the leakage become to drop to drop but it is not accepted toofastened that may lead the shaft and shaft sleeve broken. The worker could stopto tighten the packing until the pump shaft could be rotated by hand. The shaftwater flow and pressure should be same as required in the manual.

2, When there is too much water leakagewhen tighten the packing already, please update the packing or add new packingto the stuffing box and tighten the stuffing box bolts is OK.

3, The slurry pump gland packing sealdesign is shaft seal by the tighten gland, small leakage is necessary to makesure right lubricated and cool down the shaft and shaft sleeve in rotating.

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