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How to do when Pipeline centrifugal pump freezing in winter?

Pipeline centrifugal pump preventive maintenance even do more in place before
freezing , but in some region of the temperature is too low, pipeline centrifugal pump can't avoid will freeze.What can we do are as followings.
1. If the pipeline centrifugal pump is freezing, using hot water or boiling water into
the water pump internalization.Or heat pump shell.
2. Put pipeline centrifugal pump at a normal temperature environment.Below zero.
3. Use deep well pump.Put pump into the underground, general deep underground
water pump from the ground, not to freeze.
4. Adopt insulation type pump.Adding insulation to steam or hot water.In case the
water pump to freeze.
5. Use the non self-priming centrifugal pump. Adding water when using the pump.
6. Empty the water out,when used filling with water again.To prevent the pump frosty
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